Finding creativity in a global pandemic …

With our current state of affairs in the world, as an artist / DJ we can find out selves in a creative rut very easily.  The question then becomes how do we find our way out of it?  Personally, the pandemic has affected me & my creativity to the point where yes, I did find myself in a rut.

Ways to find your way out of a rut…

Collaboration with other artists, this year I did more than a few collaboration Ep’s with other artists. I found it to be quite inspiring to see what they would add the project & to play with what they added.  

Projects. start new projects 

This year I continued with The Bada Data all improvisation live pa  techno project & it still helps me find more and more creativity using a very minimal set up but feeling the energy & vibes from my partner Andrew Vic.  I also started doing hip hop for a group that I went to high school with.  Believe it or not it helped open up my ears to different rhythms and sounds & I found the vibes I got from them to be inspiring.   Also I am working with a sax player & hearing her thoughts and feedback have been interesting.

Dig into you gear & Vst’s

I often just try dedicating a studio session to experiment further with different pieces of gear I have, or even go to your closet & get out that one synth or drum machines you are not using.  

Try new things            

For myself, modular was something I kind of wanted to explore but it had a steep learning curve.  I found VCV rack, a free DAW that allowed you try get your feet wet without buying the modular hardware.  After a few tutorials It’s starting to really click and open up to a new way of making music.  


Fromm Collabs, to different studio projects, digging into your own gear, and just exploring

It’s possible to find ways to get out of your producer rut

Please leave in the comments below any suggestion you have ….

Josh Holiday – 

Label Owner/Partner at The Seed Underground, Artist, Remixer, DJ, Live Performer

Below Pic Andrew Vic During Bad Data Jam Session

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